When it comes to Weddings – there is one word we would use to describe them: unique. Maybe it’s the one of a kind sense of humour that our clients have, maybe it’s the spirit of the day, the nerves, the mad characters, the stories that unfold during the speeches, the tears of joy that flow, the laughter, the hand-holding and not forgetting the kisses and mad dance moves.  We can safely say that we have never photographed two weddings that are ever the same but what they all share is "moments", precious, tender, humorous, joyful, eventful and special, moments that you deem important enough to capture on film and camera, at the end of the big day you are left with, a) possibly a hangover for a few days ;-) b) your rings and c) your memories.

Working together on your big day, Ian and I do whatever we can to capture your day, we aim to capture pictures and footage that you can look back on, smile at and relive your special day for years to come!  One thing that is completely undeniable about weddings is they happen so quickly, so much happens during the day it's a great thing to be able to sit down weeks after and go over the pictures and watch the movie to remind you both how "flippin" awesome your day was and how wonderful and happy everyone looked.  

Weddings are amazingly fantastic affairs and we are so privileged and honored to be asked to document your day whether that's on film, video or both. 

OUR PURPOSE: We will leave you with wedding images and a video that completely personifies your day, your venue and your lives together.

We feel very blessed by all the amazing couples who have chosen us over the years, many have become good friends, we'd love you to become one too?